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Posted on: December 15, 2009 9:56 pm

My final word on Vince Young vs. Kerry Collins

This is how I feel about the debate between Vince and Kerry that seems to still be going on.

Here's my take on the whole situation.  I think Collins was much better than old Vince.  He was erratic and unpredictable.  I still liked him mainly for what he did for me as a Longhorn's fan.  He went 8-8 in the first year and thrilled with some crazy comebacks.  Stats not so good but he made it happen.  To be fair to Collins though, he had NO time with the team that year as he was picked up late after the McNair and Volek mess.  He was thrown in there and was ineffective. 

So, that leaves us with 2007 where Vince was the full time starter now.  He struggled, which many second year QBs do.  If I am not mistaken this was also the last year that Norm Chow was O-Coordinator (what a mess that was.  He really hindered Vince's progress imo)  Vince let his head get all screwed up thinking he had to become the everydown drop back passer, which he isn't.  I took that season with a grain of salt also because the receivers were downright awful.  They couldn't catch a lick even when Vince threw good passes (which he was very inconsistent about doing that year).  So ok the next off season they fire Chow and bring back Heimy (Thank you).  Heimy knows how to use this sort of QB who is a dual threat and I was very encouraged at the progresion.  Report from camp says Vince was making huge strides. 

Then comes the infamous Jacksonville game.  We all know what happened there, so no need to rehash it, but as far as his performance went though, he threw a TD to CJ, but threw two picks.  One was just awful and the other was just a ridiculously athletic play by the DE.  So he wasn't playing too bad and the team had a lead when Collins came in.  So it appeared that Vince did make strides in his game in my opinion but his head and maturity weren't right.   I honestly think that the death of McNair really got Vince getting his priorities right and I saw a difference in his attitude since then, even before he got the job back.  He still has a tendency to try and do too much and force things (he got lucky several times this season with dropped picks) but otherwise I see an improved guy. 

I think the better comparison would be Vince right now and Collins right now.  We don't need to drudge up the past and everything.  Right now, this season.  I believe Vince is better.  Does he deserve God-like status and worship.  Not by a longshot.  But right now he gives this team the best chance of winning.  I stand behind that. 

Also,  some fans said they want to see Vince play a full season when the pressure is on, because right now they are in a nothing to lose situation.  Next season will REALLY tell where he is at.  If he picks up where he is at this season at the start of next season and plays consistently throughout next season then this debate needs to be over.  I am no blind follower who thinks Vince is the end all be all everything.  He is not.  He is however a talented and athletic player who has a knack for dramatic comebacks and is fun to watch, especially lined up next to CJ.  I think he has the potential of being great at this level if he keeps his head in the game and builds his work ethic to be a student of the game and listen to criticism as help  not as a slight, which he seems to be getting that now.

Here, to hoping for a bright future.  This was long I know but I felt I needed to be specific and articulate this.  Opinions commence.
Posted on: December 11, 2009 8:42 pm

Grinds my Gears

You wanna know what grinds my gears? People in the 19th century.  Why don't they get with the freakin' program.  It's called an automobile, it's much faster than a horse!

Well, not to sound like Peter Griffin I need to vent about a couple of things that are grinding my gears.  First off,  I really hate how the media digs and digs and digs on people until they get their story.  Like this Tiger Woods business.  Here is a respected sports figure and role model.  I know the guy messed up and committed some personal woes, but this guy deserves his privacy.  I mean, it is NONE of our business what he does in his personal life.  He is a human just like the rest of us and makes mistakes.  I am in no way defending him because I aboslutely hate infidelity and I am in no way a Tiger fan. I HATE golf!  But this guy really deserves for people to leave him the F alone and let him deal with the personal business.  I just hate the way the media needs to keep talking about a story over and over again until something juicy comes up for them to talk to.  Now it is to the point where Tiger is taking an indefinite leave of absence from the game.  Not because he can't handle the stress of the game, because he knows he will be hounded by the media and will have to answer the same questions over and again, because the media won't let it go.  Let the guy be in peace!

Fair weather fans grind my gears!  These are the fans that will be all about the trendy team of the moment, the hot team or the streaking team.  I am a Tennessee Titans fan.  Have been for about 11 years now.  I started getting interested in them in 99 when, yes, they were doing well and on a Super Bowl run, but I stayed with them, through the 4-12 and 5-11 seasons.  The ups and the downs.  But bandwagoners jump on the train because it is interesting and fun, but when things go south and the moment passes they are off onto the next thing.  I am sure a lot of people jumped on the Titans bandwagon when they started winning since Vince Young took over, but after they lost to the Colts, a lot of the Bandwagoners have gone away onto the next hot team.  It just drives me crazy.  If you want to be a fan, find a team and stick with them.  I look at my uncle, who is a die hard 49ers fan.  He is born and raised in the bay area and have rooted for them since the beginning. He wears his red and gold just as proudly now as he did in the glory days when the Niners won all their championships.   To me this is what it means to be a fan.  To root for your team in the good and the bad.  Be just as passionate about them when they are down as you are when they are up.  It is easy to root and cheer for a winning team, not so much for the losing ones.  So fair weather fans:  either find a team and stick with them or go home and start watching more golf or something.
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