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Week 14 Review and Week15 NFL Picks

So last week I went 10-1 with my serious picks minus the dream picks.  So not bad for the first week picking games.  Week 14 saw a lot of history being made and hopefully week 15 will have plenty more in store. 

New Orleans @ Atlanta.  Saints  W
Denver @ Indianapolis.  Colts    W
Buffalo @ Kansas City.  Bills    W
Detroit @ Baltimore.  Lions.     DREAM PICK NOT COUNTED
Miami @ Jacksonville  Dolphins.   W
NY Jets @ Tampa Bay.   Bucs.  DREAM PICK NOT COUNTED
Cincinatti @ Minnesota     Vikings.  W

Green Bay @ Chicago    Packers. W

Carolina @ New England   Panthers. DREAM PICK NOT COUNTED
Seattle @ Houston      Texans. W

Washington @ Oakland      Redskins. W

Saint Louis @ Tennessee   Titans.  W
San Diego @ Dallas       Chargers.  W

Philadelphia @ NY Giants       Giants.  L
Arizona @ San Francisco        Niners.  W

On to Week 15:

Indianapolis at Jacksonville:  This game hinges on who plays for the Colts.  Looks like Peyton and at least Reggie Wayne will play, so  they'll take care of business.  Colts

Dallas at New Orleans:  Dallas has really struggled in December and I think it is in their heads.  They didn't play too bad against a really hot Chargers team. New Orleans didn't look too sharp yesterday.  Until Dallas wins a game in December, I am  picking against them.  Saints.

Arizona at Detroit:  Poor Detroit.  I want them to be good, but they just aren't there yet.  Give Jim Schwartz a few years and I bet they  get better.  Arizona always worries me picking because they are just so unpredictable as to which team will show up.  But this is the Lions, so they should be able to win regardless of which team shows up.  Cardinals.

Cleveland at Kansas City:  Talk about crummy game of the week.  Chiefs.

San Francisco at Philadelphia: Going out on a limb here. As I grew up in the Bay Area I would love to see the Niners get competitive again.  I think this defense looks pretty good.  Upset special.  Niners

Chicago at Baltimore:  As a Titans fan, I need Chicago to win here.  Bears.

New England at Buffalo:  New England has looked bad at times this year, but I think they can handle the Bills.  Patriots.

Miami at Tennessee:  I, of course, have to pick my team but it won't be easy as Miami is a good, physical team.  This wil be a Jeff Fisher, type game and he does well in those games.  Titans.

Houston at St. Louis:  Houston.

Atlanta at N.Y. Jets:  Again, need the Falcons to win to help the Titans out.  Falcons.

Oakland at Denver:  Not much to say here.  Broncos.

Cincinnati at San Diego:  Chargers can take care of business here, they are the better team and they want to keep the #2 seed.                                      Chargers.

Green Bay at Pittsburgh:  Need Green Bay to win, and at this point I believe Green Bay is the better team.  The Steelers have lost 5straight and it will be tough for them to lose six.  But I am still picking the Packers. I think that defense is ferocious and will get after Big Ben.  Packers.

Tampa Bay at Seattle:  Crummy game #2 of the week.  Seahawks.

Minnesota at Carolina:  Expect a heavy dose of AD in this one.  Vikings.

N.Y. Giants at Washington:  The Giants fought hard Sunday night and I think they will take care of business here.  Giants.
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Week 14 NFL picks

Well I am going to pick the NFL games coming up this week, although the Steelers-Browns game has already been played (Go Browns! btw)  Here is how I see/hope week 14 going down:

New Orleans @ Atlanta.  Saints. Next.  
Denver @ Indianapolis.  Colts need this to take Home Field.  So I say they take it.   
Buffalo @ Kansas City.  Buffalo.  Sorry KC.    
Detroit @ Baltimore.   I really would love it if Detroit pulled the upset.  It seems like the season for upsets and Ed Reed dosen't play in this game, so I am hoping for the Detroit Upset.  Lions.     
Miami @ Jacksonville  All I can say is go Dolphins.   
NY Jets @ Tampa Bay.  Mark Sanchez isn't going to play, so I like Tampa with the upset.  Bucs.   
Cincinatti @ Minnesota    Minnesota gets back on track here.  Vikings.  

Green Bay @ Chicago    Green Bay plays a cleaner game and beat the BearsPackers.

Carolina @ New England   Pats are falling apart a little bit and players don't seem to be buying into the philosophy anymore.  Moss is quitting on routes.  I highly doubt this will happen and this is a dream pick.  Panthers.
Seattle @ Houston      Houston has been close in almost every game.  They close here.  Texans.

Washington @ Oakland     Oakland suffers a let down after that win at Pittsburgh last week.  Redskins.

Saint Louis @ Tennessee    I gotta go with my favorite team.  St. Louis isn't as bad as their record indicates, hopefully the Titans come to play.   Health concerns with Vince Young and Chris Johnson, but they will play and be good enough to win.  Titans.
San Diego @ Dallas        Tough call, but I look at Dallas' record in December and it's hard to pick them. Chargers.

Philadelphia @ NY Giants      This is a tough call, both are pretty desparate teams, but I look for the Giants to get the win.  Giants.
Arizona @ San Francisco          'Zona played some good football last week, but the Niners are the more desparate team, and I think they look for this primetime game to show up and play.  Niners.

These picks are part how I hope things go and part actual opinions.  More than likely you can distinguish which is which. 
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